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English for beginners

Perfect for those adults in the workplace who want to start with the basics of the English language, our courses are designed to help you with letter sounds, spelling and sentence structure; essential skills to help you get to ahead.

You will learn:

– Simple sentence construction
– Basic written English skills
– Understanding basic instructions
– The ability to ask questions


With courses that are tailored to individual or group needs and on-site training, we are the language school that gives you exactly what you need.


Whether you want to learn individually or as part of a group, let us help you to learn English in the way that works best for you.

Intermediate English

If you are already able to communicate in English then you are ready to push yourself to the next stage. With our intermediate English for foreign workers course, you will learn spelling and grammar that will give you confidence when writing emails and letters, and you will also have regular one-to-one and group discussions.

You will learn:

– The ability to draft and write letters and emails
– To understand styles of English
– The ability to join in discussion

Advanced English

Covering all aspects of advanced English, the advanced course brings together all that you have learnt; giving you the skills you need to gain English qualifications, and to create the future you deserve.

You will learn:

– The ability to write reports
– Professional email and letter writing
– Presentation writing and delivery
– Confidence in meeting situations


Once you have gained your chosen English qualifications you will feel a confidence that allows you to participate fully in the workplace.

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